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Custom mannequin prototypes designed to make the world want your fashions.

Now, any fashion designer or clothing retailer can have their own custom mannequins, due to recent developments in the industry.

It begins with a body form designed to amplify your brand and fashions from a master of the craft.

Artisan Crafted Bodies

We are known for bespoke mannequins
made to wear your designs

The Veri 3Details

Nobody works a body prototype like Veri Designs.

<span id="threedetail-bold">1D</span><span id="threedetail-light">efine</span> 1Define

Fashion confirms our existence, our vitality and our sense of self. It is very personal. We personally collaborate with you to make every body a work of art worthy of your fashions. Our difference is in the details.

<span id="threedetail-bold">2D</span><span id="threedetail-light">esign</span> 2Design

In life, adolescence is temporary (thank God). For a cast body form, a bad design lasts forever. Our design phase ensures your project goes through its ugly-duckling stage on paper quickly.

<span id="threedetail-bold">3D</span><span id="threedetail-light">evelop</span> 3Develop

We are masters of our craft. Hands working with clay at one-to-one scale is the best way to nuance a form. We deliver to a Veri high standard—our own. Fine art details infuse the very DNA of your prototype.

From the Blog

New York Show 2014

New York Show 2014

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in News | No Comments

A quick trip to New York city to attend the Retail Design Collective (RDC), where Goldsmith premiered the new Kinky Girls Collection. Posed in a range of different attitudes, they are made from prototypes by Veri Designs.

Origins of Veri Designs

Origins of Veri Designs

Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Design, News | No Comments

Our name, Veri, comes from the word verisimilitude. It means very believable. We design for fashion believers. In our hands, the mannequin becomes an artform worthy to wear your art.

Rockstar Fashion Designs

Rockstar Fashion Designs

Posted by on Sep 20, 2013 in News | No Comments

Up and coming, rockstar fashion designer, Asher Levine, designed clothing for the opening show of Chelsea Man, a new line of male mannequins from Goldsmith, produced from prototypes they commissioned from Veri Designs.

Driven by a desire to be the best, Veri makes custom, high-end figures with soul.

How do you make the world want your fashions?

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George Martin

Not be confused with the Beatles music producer of the same name, our George Martin is the famous mannequin industry leader of 24+ years. “Justin Poole (now Veri Designs) is my FAVORITE sculptor.” —George Martin, Principle, George Martin Designs

- George Martin
Founding Father

“Justin Poole of Veri Designs exemplifies the highest ideal of the creative American Spirit.” As quoted by Justin’s sculpture of the author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third President of the United States. —Thomas Jefferson

- Founding Father
Dan Evans

“Justin Poole is among the best. I trust him with my most creative ideas. We have several successful lines produced from prototypes commissioned from Justin Poole Sculpture (now Veri Designs).” –Dan Evans, President and Creative Director, Goldsmith, Inc.

- Dan Evans