Veri Designs

Custom mannequin prototypes designed to make the world want your fashions.

Now, any fashion designer or clothing retailer can have their own custom mannequins, due to recent developments in the industry.

It begins with a body form designed to amplify your brand and fashions from a master of the craft.

First We Talk

We want to know what inspires you. We learn about the person your fashions are designed for. What is the mood, the vibe and the essence? We customize to fit your vision. Veri seeks the new, the special—that fresh take on any trend.

Think Details

We think about good shapes in terms of detail, and will customize to fit your vision—the fingers and toes more rounded or square? The physique lean or soft, athletic or volumetric? Any thoughts on abstractions or inventiveness?

Bring Definition

We take note on all that has been learned, discussed and explored, and put it together in a statement. In other words, we define the scope of work and come to terms on effort and budget. You sign-off before the project moves into the next phase.