Veri Designs

Custom mannequin prototypes designed to make the world want your fashions.

Now, any fashion designer or clothing retailer can have their own custom mannequins, due to recent developments in the industry.

It begins with a body form designed to amplify your brand and fashions from a master of the craft.


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My dog-eared 1974 Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines verisimilitude as a quality or state of appearing to be true.

Prototypes Are Classical Masterworks

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It’s in the prototype, where the fine art of mannequin work can be seen. The prototype has a brief lifespan, due to the rigors of production. Veri Designs photographs its own work in progress, so it can present the prototype. Blog Article Two: How Mannequins Are The Modern Descendants of Classical Masterworks Making a mannequin is a specialization […]