Veri Designs

Custom mannequin prototypes designed to make the world want your fashions.

Now, any fashion designer or clothing retailer can have their own custom mannequins, due to recent developments in the industry.

It begins with a body form designed to amplify your brand and fashions from a master of the craft.

Origins of Veri Designs

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Our name is derived from the word verisimilitude, which means, very believable. Veri Designs was created to work directly with fashion designers, photographers and clothing retailers— to help them turn customers into believers. Our goal is to create compelling presentations that seduce customers into falling in love with your fashions.

We are Veri Inspired by the mesmerizing work of fashion photographer Tina Patni (here). We are believers.

With advances in manufacturing, it is now quite possible to have one’s own mannequins. Veri specializes in bespoke body form prototypes, and sourcing the most qualified manufacturer to produce them.

Welcome to Veri Designs. We believe in creative visionaries.