Veri Designs

Custom mannequin prototypes designed to make the world want your fashions.

Now, any fashion designer or clothing retailer can have their own custom mannequins, due to recent developments in the industry.

It begins with a body form designed to amplify your brand and fashions from a master of the craft.


Veri Designs Saves a Classic from the Wrecking Ball

The Church of the Assumption is being re-purposed for use as studio space by Veri Designs. Threatened with destruction for several years, Veri Designs stepped in to prevent yet another neighborhood landmark from being demolished. Veri Designs is located in the historic Cincinnati neighborhood of Walnut Hills, which has a very active and diverse community. A Foundation has been established to enhance Walnut Hills’ existing community assets and to promote a comprehensive development of the entire community.

Veri Designs is pleased to be doing its part to bring sustainability to Walnut Hills.